An Amazing Display of Ignorance at EWTN

Please read the following answer dated January 23rd 2002 from Fr. Robert J. Levis, Ph.D. at the Catholic Doctrine and Catechetics forum at EWTN (since deleted):

James and Protestants
Question from Shawn Madden on 01-23-2002:

Your statement "Besides, many Protestants don't accept James at all as inspired Scripture precisely because of your cited verse requiring works" is just flat out wrong and I am curious as to what you base it on. The Protestants I hang out with hold James as highly as any other book in Scripture.

Shawn Madden

Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 01-23-2002:

Shawn, All or most of the Bibles printed for Protestant usage omit the Epistle of James from their New Testament list, following the decision of Martin Luther who claimed this Epistle was merely one of straw. However, many of these Bibles list this Epistle separately as an apocryphal work. God bless. Fr. Bob Levis


Can you believe it? This is what passes for an "expert" answer in Catholic apologetics! Needless to say, Fr. Levis likely never opened a Protestant Bible before making such a patently absurd statement. I think they need better experts at EWTN.

On the 24th, Fr. Levis was called to account for his ridiculous statement, and he then admitted he does not even own a Protestant Bible, and he really has no idea what is in Protestant Bibles! Amazing! Here is the item (since deleted):

re:Epistle of James
Question from Megan on 01-23-2002:

Fr. in almost 40 years of regular Scripture study using both Catholic and Protestant translated Bibles of which I have a copy of most English translations, and in any and all commentary or teaching I have heard or read, the book of James (which follows the book of Hebrews in all Bibles) is considered inspired by all. The only questions I have read concerning it stem from comments by Martin Luther but never repeated by any others that I have heard/read in almost 40 years. I do not believe you will not find a Protestant believer, minister or lay, who would say that James is not part of the canon of Scripture. Please document for us anything that definitively says otherwise.

Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 01-24-2002:

Dear Megan, All Bibles in my library are Catholic and so unfortunately I can't tell you what other Protestant Bibles say. If you, as a Protestant, find the Epistle of St. James in your Protestant Bible, congratulations, I am very happy that James is included. Historically, this Epistle was not so easily included in the New Testament Canon. God bless you. Fr. Bob Levis

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Why should anyone believe Fr. Levis again?