Dagon, Cybele and Catholicism.

Here you see a stone laver from Assyria which is now in the Pergamum Museum in Berlin. Carved on its sides are depictions of pagan priests that appear to be half sun-fish and half man, that are sprinkling holy water.
Again, here is a similar depiction of a pagan priest wearing a sun-fish, the head with open mouth worn as a mitre and the rest of the fish forming a cloak. These are both illustrations of Dagon, which was the God of Babylon and Philistia and is mentioned several times in scripture in Judges 16:23, 1 Samuel 5:2-7, and 1 Chronicles 1:10. In Strong's Hebrew Dictionary, this is the definition for Dagon:

1712. Dagown, daw-gohn'; from H1709; the fish-god; Dagon, a Philistine deity: --Dagon.

Note the mitre on the head of this drawing of the goddess Cybele and the striking similarity to the fish head of Dagon. Cybele was worshipped in Rome and was also called the "Magna Mater", or the great queen mother goddess, which evolved into Catholic Mariology. The priesthood of Cybele was composed of castrated males, which parallels the celibate priesthood of Catholicism. The basilica of Saint Peter's, according to some, stands upon the former site of Cybele's main temple in Rome. The ruins of another temple to Cybele / Magna Mater can still be seen today in Rome on Palatine hill.

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So, now, here is the fish-head mitre worn by the ranking clergy of the Catholic Church, in this case Pope John Paul II. As can be seen, it is derived directly from the mitres of the ancient pagan fish-god Dagon, and the goddess Cybele. The papal mitre represents the head of Dagon with an open mouth, which is the reason for the pointed shape and split top.
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Note the similarity in theme of the symbol on the front of John Paul's mitre, here a sun wheel, and that of Cybele's mitre above, symbolic of the pagan sun god. (See LA VERITA - THE TRUTH)

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