Benny Hinn Threatens Lawsuit

Benny Hinn, through his attorney, has demanded as of 19 Dec 2003 that all criticism of him be removed immediately from this website, claiming that he is being defamed.  Here are the pages in question:

My understanding is that defamation (libel / slander) involves knowingly telling falsehoods about someone else. That is not a practice I engage in. I maintain that the information in the above pages is well documented, true, and justly criticizes Benny Hinn and his ministry, and is protected under the constitution of the United States as freedom of speech, and freedom of the press.  Benny Hinn needs to admit that he has prophesied falsely, without any word from God, and repent, and not attempt to muzzle his critics by threatening lawsuits. Imagine the opportunity this would present to publicly prove in a court of law that Benny Hinn's prophecies have failed repeatedly! Is he really contemplating contesting this documented fact?

Benny Hinn is also making a totally false accusation against me. He is (through his attorney) accusing me of redirecting traffic from a web site of his to my web site. In other words, the accusation is that people trying to go to a Benny Hinn web site are deceptively sent to my site, and that I am responsible for this deceptive redirection, although I have not been told by the attorney where this was allegedly done. I have informed Hinn's attorney that he is misinformed, and that I have not done any such thing. Again, that is not a practice I engage in. I would not even contemplate such deception, and do not know who has done it.

Hinn's attorney gave me a maximum of 75 minutes, from the time the email was sent, to respond to his demands or face injunctive legal action. I did not even receive the email until the time had expired, so I guess we will see if Hinn's attorney was bluffing or not.  ― Michael Scheifler