By What Authority
Scripture Versus Catholic Tradition


2 Thessalonians 3:6 and Catholic Tradition

Blinded by Tradition at The Catholic Legate

The Unanimous Consent of the Fathers
and Bible Interpretation

Sola Ecclesia Romanus
Only the Church of Rome is the Rule of Faith
Wresting the Scriptures at Envoy Magazine
A Catholic defense of Tradition
Sola Scriptura (The Bible Only for Doctrine)
Does the Bible teach it?
Sola Scriptura and Bible Availability
Does Sola Scriptura Fail
Because There Are Thousands of Protestant Denominations?
How Many Books Are In The Old Testament?
How Can One Know For Sure?

(Popes and Councils Proved To Be In Error)
A Rebuttal to Catholic Apologetics International
on the Old Testament Canon
Jesus and the Written Word of Scripture
Proof the Bible is NOT Complete in Doctrine?
He Shall Be Called a Nazarene
Proof of Catholic Tradition?
The Covenant of Isaiah 59:21...
Is it an example of oral Tradition?
Does the Bible Forbid "Private Interpretation"
by the Laity?
Moses' Seat
Does it support Tradition?
The Apocryphal Books
The Assumption of Moses and 1 Enoch-
Does the Bible quote them
and does that prove Tradition?

Tomb of the Apostle Peter Found in Jerusalem
on the Mount of Olives?

Roman Catholic Tradition
New Testament tradition
Are They the Same?
Matthew 18:18 and Infallible Church Authority.
The Spiritual Rock of 1 Cor 10:4,
Founded on Unbiblical Jewish Tradition?
Upon This Rock?

Vatican Issues New Document On Papal Primacy.
30 October 1998!

The Primacy of the Successor of Peter
in the Mystery of the Church

Papal Claims of Authority and 2 Thess 2:3-4.

The Lord Pope - Sweet Christ On Earth?